Welcome to the website of the NCCC, The Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference.

The 18th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference takes place from 6 - 8 March 2017, in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. This conference continues the successful series of meetings, started in Lunteren (2000) and continued annually in Noordwijkerhout. The conference combines a number of national symposia in the field of chemistry and catalysis. Traditionally, participants from Flanders-Belgium also contribute to the meeting.

NCCC 2017 offers an unique, international forum to exchange innovative ideas between academic and industrial scientists in a broad area of catalysis and chemistry research and technology.

Information for all participants

This year NCCC-XVIII will be opened by the chairman on Monday morning March 6 at 10.45 hours. We request you to arrive at 10.15 at the latest for your registration at the NCCC-registration desk at the Leeuwenhorst. 

Travelling directions and check in times for hotel can be found at the end of this document and on the website.

The full program of the conference is also available from our website.

Important information for Lecturers

Please refer to the program to find your session timeslot of your talk.

Install your presentation in advance with help of the assistants present in each lecture room and check the presentation.

- Morning sessions: at end of afternoon session of the previous day or at least 30 minutes before start of the session
- Afternoon sessions: directly after the end of the appropriate morning session

We provide a computer with PowerPoint connected to a beamer. 

For PowerPoint users we recommend to save your presentation as a slide show (extension .pps) on a CD or memory stick. This usually keeps your settings and fonts in tact. If you want to work from your private laptop make sure that it works with the projection equipment.

Timing: The total time for presentation is limited to 15-16 minutes followed by discussion of 5-4 minutes. The session chairs are requested to keep a strict timing regime and observe 5 minute breaks between speakers to allow participants to move between sessions.